The Luminaries

The Luminaries (Sun & Moon)


What’s the difference between them in the birth chart?
Are you more solar or lunar orientated?
Which one of them plays a more significant influence over you?

Below there’s a brief description about it.

Lets say the SUN is the heart of the birth chart, the moto, the driver, the life force, it shows our individuality, our central concerns, ambitions, our main goal and path.
The Sun embodies the masculine principle, the Yang energy, the father figure and the authority. His position and connection with other planets and angles in the birth chart shows how supportive or “neglected” he is as an influence in our lives.

The Moon represents then feminine principle, the Yin energy, the receptive, the mother and our nurturing and emotional side. It represents our inner nature, our feeling and emotional responses. The position of the Moon in our birth chart shows how we react and behave emotionally within and towards others, our immediate responses and how we deal with our emotions. The connection to the other planets in the birth chart shows how we respond or/and cope with our emotions, how we adapt to the immediate environment and our conditioning and upbringing.

Few examples by keywords on cardinal sign ARIES below.
Cardinal signs qualities: easy going, self-initiators, determined, tenacious, goal orientated, ambitious, enthusiastic. 
The cardinal signs’ seasons align with the start of the seasons (Aries with spring, Cancer with summer, Libra with fall, and Capricorn with winter) 

Sun in ARIES☀️♈️

Individuality & character (unless altered by other planets aspects):
Spontaneous, courageous, initiator, impatient, impulsive, direct, competitive, pionner, self motivator, selfish, me first-attitude, restless, headstrong, conquerer.
Ruled by Planet Mars 
Element Fire of Cardinal quality

Moon in ARIES🌙♈️

Temperament & emotional responses and needs (unless altered by other planets aspects)
Impulsive, direct, impatient, loves everything uncomplicated and direct, fiery, passionate, emotionally independent, autonomous, self-responsible, self-centred, argumentative, a need to win arguments, competitive mood & energy, risk taker, needs new and exciting projects.

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