Super Full Moon in Scorpio 7 May 2020

Super Full moon in Scorpio, a time to release, transform & rebirth. A time fo face our darkness in the darkest, to melt the ice that freeze us inside, to let go of what no longer serves us, a time to feel empowered and a time to heal & surrender.

My poem dedicated to the Scorpio Moon🌝🖤♏️.

Call the light, embrace the night
For us the moon beams magic,
Even if for others this seems tragic
The scent of nature lifts us all,
And our inner vision doesn’t need a crystal ball.

Together we walk the fields of healing,
The call is strong, the path revealing,
Like a little flame dancing in the night
Giving us glimpses of warmth and sight.

This road we don’t choose, but it in our right to refuse.
Walking past the tunnel of light, brings us joy, peace, 
and no more will to fight.

Let it flow, let it grow like the flowers of spring,
The sky is blue and the birds sing,
You received the ring of duty, now dive an offspring,
Water is fresh and cold to the bone
But it doesn’t hurt because the soul needs to grow.



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