Libra Season

Welcome to the harmonious & glamorous Libra Season!! ♎️✨💛

Aprox. September 22 to October 22

This season invites to step in for romance, dating, to develop equilibrium/fairness in the aspects of our life that needs to adjustment and balance. ✨Libra is an air sign and cardinal energy, this means this is a good season to initiate new projects, embark on new creative endeavours, preferably in partnership.

Lot’s of great ideas can grown during this season as well all letting go of the old (the fall) and remove what’s creating unbalance & unfairness in our lives.Libra is a sign that represents beauty, charm and elegance, so if you are planning to have a change of look in both your physical appearance or at your home, this is a inspiring time to do so✨Prepare that candle light dinner, go our for a drink with friends and socialise, be open to meet other people now, Venus always loves pampering and a good deal of romance. ✨

The Sun in Libra starts with a conjunction to Mars (warrior, fire, motivation, sexuality, enthusiasm) so over the next couple of weeks you might feel driven to initiate a new project, routine or/and feel great motivation to get things done with passion and determination.✨ (Also be mindful this can also cause lack on patient and sudden feelings of anger)

At same time Sun is also in opposition to Neptune (dreams, spirituality, devotion, arts) can make you more susceptible to confusion and deception which can lead to insecurity and discouragement. If possible avoid ego conflicts and retreat to a safe place then this is a good time for developing your creative, spiritual, and charitable nature.Happy Equinox and enjoy the season.

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