Venus conjunct Mars in Leo ♌️

Venus Conjunt Mars in Leo – July 2021 ♌️🔥

Mars and Venus don’t meet up very often, but when they do, we can expect fireworks, heat, increased creativity and sexuality, an optimal time for dating too.

Briefly speaking, Mars represents our sexual drive, Venus represents sensuality, indulgence and pleasure and Leo is the master of flirt, confidence and grand gestures. These energies blended together will transmite a powerful energy on us humans (unless you are undergoing some serious transits, that might damper this influence) but nevertheless you can still tap into this energy and feed from it’s power, stimulation, positivity and get in tune with your inner courage and confidence to move ahead in the direction of your purpose (whatever is romance, a creative pursue or a new project).

If you are single, use this phase to either be more sociable or to connect to an online dating website. If you are in a relationship, it’s time to spice up, organise a dinner with your loved one in your favourite place or at home, make sure you wear that favourite sexy gown, lingerie, lipstick, perfume and high heels, for the men, make sure you too make some effort (Leos are very vain and proud creatures), and we should and must celebrate the desires that emerge from both the flesh and the spirit.

Enjoy the season, ♌️

Claudia Aurora

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