♈️ Full Moon in Aries Thursday 1st October ♈️

London 22:05. Spain 23:05. Portugal 22:05

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Aries, at same time we have Mars retrograde in Aries and Chiron in Aries too, meaning this is a fiery, impulsive and angry combination and it’s affecting us all in some way or another, our wounds are surfacing, and it’s takes courage to face them. Energies are high this week and we have two choices, to hold on to the wound (Chiron) or to release it.

Are you feeling it building up?

So tonight or tomorrow is a good time to LET GO and cleanse this impulsive, competitive, and impatient energy. 🔥

Here’s how 🌕

Aries and Mars represent the fire element, so if you have a fireplace make a fire, otherwise light a candle and work with the flame.

Tools 🌿

❣️Meditation music of choice

❣️Palo Santo or incense of choice

❣️Pen & Paper

🍁Prepare your calming space, play the music, start by sitting by the fire or facing the candle, light the incense and cleanse space around you and yourself.

🍁Affirm 🌕

“Under the light of the Aries Full Moon, I cleanse and release from this space all that no longer serves. I cleanse and release any energies that block my mind and blur my heart. I am now cleansed. I am now renewed. With Love & Light.Start by answering the questions:

🖋I’m I being to impatient or aggressive towards others lately?

🖋I’m I being brave and courageous enough to keep fighting for my dreams and to manifest what I want?

🖋I’m I ready for a new cycle? What do I want to let go in order to create space for creation?

After finishing it, burn the paper (safely, please :-)) and release all this energy to the fire.

Affirm: 🌕

“I release the fears of yesterday and any obstacles that are holding me back. Nothing is impossible, I can do and manifest anything. I forgive and let go of the past, I release all the anger, frustration and impatient. I release my wounds and grieves over others. I am free, I am ready. In Love and light.

Happy Full Moon

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